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The morning after the meeting before 10.06.2017
Our second Euromeet outing 09.06.2017
A Euromeet outing 08.06.2017
Virtual Tourist Euromeet, official first day 07.06.2017
From Zurich to Kempten 06.06.2017
Collecting countries 05.06.2017
Exploring the city 04.06.2017
You can kill a website but you can't kill friendships 02.06.2017
The fishermen of Chowara 11.03.2017
Life’s a beach – or maybe a swimming pool 10.03.2017
From backwaters to beach 09.03.2017
We take to the (back)water 07.03.2017
It's all about the wildlife 06.03.2017
The Cardamom Hills 05.03.2017
Tea, glorious tea 04.03.2017
We head for the hills 03.03.2017
Fishing, worshipping, dancing … 01.03.2017
Return to India 28.02.2017
Back to where it all began 10.02.2017
Catholicism and ancient cultures entwined 09.02.2017
Of moai and more 08.02.2017
An introduction to the moai, and the cult of the Birdman 06.02.2017
The navel of the earth 05.02.2017
Breaking the journey 04.02.2017
Getting that iconic shot 04.02.2017
“The full Paine” 02.02.2017
To touch the sky 02.02.2017
Onwards towards the south 31.01.2017
A morning in Puerto Varas 30.01.2017
A special place 29.01.2017
Of lakes and waterfalls 29.01.2017
A lakeside setting 27.01.2017
Of valleys and the setting sun 26.01.2017
A steaming landscape 25.01.2017
A desert town 23.01.2017
Desert villages 22.01.2017
Water in the desert 21.01.2017
I’ve been through the desert …. 20.01.2017
Valley of Paradise 18.01.2017
Of chicha and wine 17.01.2017
Looking down on Santiago 16.01.2017
Santiago de Chile 12.01.2017
Now that jacarandas are in bloom … 11.01.2017
Introducing the author 09.01.2017