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As a child, growing up in the sixties, family holidays were almost always taken in Britain, usually Cornwall or Wales. A holiday overseas was considered an unaffordable luxury, but there was one exception. My uncle was in the Royal Air Force and spent a couple of years stationed in Germany, so my first ever trip abroad was to visit him and my aunt in Brueggen, near Dusseldorf, when I was 10.

On the beach at Westgate on Sea, aged five

After that my next adventure was the school’s French Exchange when I was 14, which meant ten days in a small French village north of Paris: ten days speaking the language, sampling the food (including horse meat and my first black coffee, now the staple that gets me through the day) and several days out in the capital which made a huge impression on me. To this day I would name Paris as one of my favourite cities in the world.

When I was 17 I was lucky enough to be able to take part in a camping trip arranged by my school – to Canada! This meant scraping together every penny I could from my Saturday job, plus what I could beg from my parents, but the effort was worthwhile, and looking back I think it was this trip that shaped my love of travel. In those days (early seventies) for a teenager from my background to have the opportunity to see Niagara Falls and the wilds of the Algonquin Park and (on our way home) enjoy a day in New York City, was just incredible.

But it was only when I met, and later married, Chris that I found my ideal travel buddy and started to make foreign travel a regular part of my life. Our first holiday together was to Prague and Austria (where Chris had spent a year living and working), and this was followed in 1981 by our honeymoon in France (Paris and Besançon). The next year we chose a trip to New York above the need to install central heating in our new flat, and a pattern began to emerge – from then on holidays were to be high on our list of priorities.

At first our budgets kept us mainly confined to Europe, but gradually other destinations became feasible: Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan. By the nineties we had discovered the delights of driving in the US: exploring the wonderful national parks and indulging our shared fascination with small town America. From 2000 onwards our horizons widened further and we have now visited all seven continents, including a memorable trip to Antarctica in 2003. But the wish-list grows nearly as quickly as the countries visited one, and there is still so much out there for us to discover!

With Chris on our Antarctic cruise

This blog will not only record current trips but will also gradually become, I hope, an archive of past ones. As well as travelling I have a passion for photography and plan to share as many photos from our trips as I think my audience can stand! Here's a recent favourite:

Atacama sunset, November 2016

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This looks great. Excellent start here. :-)


Splendid debut article!


A fine start here, Sarah. I'll keep watching this blog.

by Nemorino

PS I like horsemeat!


Good stuff Sarah :)
Looking forward to seeing some of your photography :)

by aussirose

Good to see you here and contributing! What a fascinating life you've had.

BTW, I can handle snails but not horse meat. Not fond of beef either so that may explain it.

by Beausoleil

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. Sally, I agree that if you don't like beef, horse meat won't appeal much either. Snails are good too, but maybe it's the garlic butter I like and the snails are just the vehicle?!

by ToonSarah

I probably had to start reading this first ... but I get you two ... for me as well travel comes first and all the other daily things ... what can I say, I survive! :) :)

by Ils1976

I'd forgotten that I wrote this intro, Ils, back when I first joined TP - fun to see those old photos now :)

by ToonSarah

that's just the fun of things ... I think at least. An everlasting memory!

by Ils1976

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