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It’s May, so it must be Euromeet!

Iceland Virtual Tourist Meet, day one

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VT group on Reynisfjara beach

Setting off for Euromeet

Setting off for the Euromeet

Well, Virtual Tourist the website was killed off over a year ago, but Virtual Tourist the community is alive and kicking! And that means that May = Euromeet month.

Arriving over Iceland

This year’s meeting was in Iceland, so to Iceland I went. I was last there six years ago, in February 2012, in an abortive attempt to see the Northern Lights (we succeeded the following year, in Norway, but that’s another story). I loved the country then, especially the magical landscapes, so was keen to see it at a different time of year, as well (of course) to meet up again with all my VT friends.

One of those friends, Lorraine from Australia, had been visiting cousins in London prior to the meeting and I had arranged to travel with her. She stayed the night before our departure with me and my husband, as we live pretty close to Heathrow Airport, and after breakfast this morning we were on our way, taking the Tube to the airport. We were there early but passed the time with chatting, shopping and an early lunch. Our Icelandair flight left a bit late but other than that the journey was without incident.

Arrival in Iceland

We landed at Keflavik Airport in the rain, collected our bags and found the FlyBus that was to take us to Reykjavik. The journey was rather slow as traffic was heavy, and the rain meant that the views outside were a bit obscured, but I was still excited to be back here.

Road to Reykjavik from the airport

At the bus station we transferred to a small minibus which delivered us almost to the door of the block where we were both renting a (separate) studio apartment, the Stay Apartments Einholt. We let ourselves in with the code we had been sent and found the keys to our apartments without any bother. Mine was a good size but I was disappointed to be right by the lobby and on the road, so I feared it could be noisy.

Stay Apartments Einholt

My studio room

Pre-meet dinner

The Roadhouse

There was time to unpack and settle in before setting out to the restaurant Regina had booked for our first dinner together, the Roadhouse. The meeting would start properly tomorrow but with so many of us already in town this was a good opportunity to see each other and start to catch up with old friends - and to make new ones.

The rain was pouring down as Lorraine and I walked to the restaurant just a few blocks away and we arrived very wet and chilly, but to a warm welcome. Soon we were caught up in the usual friendly spirit of a VT meet, with lots of chatting and laughter. We ordered food (most had burgers, mine was delicious) and drinks (I had a small beer).

More people arrived and the expected 20 became 40, with the restaurant staff coping admirably with the swelling numbers. I really enjoyed catching up with many of the people I had met at previous meets and also meeting Sylvia and her husband Rick for the first time, after several years of chatting and sharing travel stories online.

At the Roadhouse - Jon, Regina, Sonja, Christian

Lorraine and Marit

Sylvia and Rick

Photographer and co-host Jon

Long spring nights in Reykjavik

I didn’t stay too late however as it had been a long day. When I left I was thrilled to see that the improving weather during the evening had revealed the snow-clad mountains across the bay, so with Lorraine and Marit I took a walk down to the water’s edge to admire the views and take some photos. By now it was around 9.45 but still broad daylight - brighter and warmer in fact than at 6.30 when we had walked to the Roadhouse! I was to get used to these light nights over the course of my visit but this evening it was a real novelty to take these photos.





Evening by the waterfront

Rainstorm across the bay

On the way back to the apartments we popped into a gift shop where I bought a couple of postcards (partly in order to get change for the bus tomorrow) and into a supermarket to buy yoghurt for breakfast. Then it was time to head for my room, to sort photos, send goodnight messages to friends and to Chris at home, and to catch up on my journal before turning in for the night.

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Sounds like your off to a good start. Can't wait to read the continuation

by Larry

Like all the VT Euromeets I've been to Iceland was a thoroughly enjoyable meet, despite the rain. Regina and Jon were really excellent hosts, the landscape is stunning....and I've ticked off another place on my bucket list! Looking forward to the rest of your articles. :-)

by leics2

I'm glad to hear the VT meeting was such a success — despite the demise of the website 15 months before.
(Also I like your Iceland photos.)

by Nemorino

Beautiful photos. Fun to see the VT tee shirts! Glad you got to attend and looking forward to seeing the rest of this blog.

by Beausoleil

Thank you both. Larry, it was as J says a fantastic meeting, but we missed you guys :( Hope you make it next year!

by ToonSarah

I see it was a wonderful stay with many amazing discoveries...

by Vic_IV

Oops, more comments arrived as I typed. Thank too to Don and Sally :) Yes, VT is definitely alive and kicking!

by ToonSarah

And to Vic - I can't keep up lol

by ToonSarah

Wonderful blog and photos, Sarah! What a perfect start to keeping all the great memories of this Euromeet fresh in our minds. It was very special to finally meet you in person after being such long-time friends on VT.

by starship

Hooray! Sarah has started her blog. I find that reading these, of trips we have shared, are far more interesting than the holiday diaries I write (only for my own records). Of course the photographs are far more superior to mine so I often get them printed to put in my album. (Yes - I am so old-fashioned that I still compile one from every holiday.) When I cannot travel any more I can sit with my holiday diary in my hand and my album on my lap and relive my travels. That's the plan.

by Yvonne Dumsday

Thank you Sylvia and Yvonne for the lovely comments. It's great motivation to know that friends are enjoying my work :) But like you Yvonne I also do it for myself, to have a record of all my travels to look back on in the future :)

by ToonSarah

Great opening review Sarah

by Jo

Thanks Jo - a shame you couldn't join us this year. Hopefully next!

by ToonSarah

Enjoyed your VT meet stories here Sarah. Nice to see VT friends. Hopefully TP will get this meetup thingy happening soon so that we can post them here.
Hugs xx

by aussirose

Yes, that would be good Ann, but we're still managing to keep the meets going, large and small :)

by ToonSarah

never been to Iceland. It is still on my top ten wishlist and like most of them, just because of the northern light ... now I know you can better go to Norway to have a glimpse of it (nope, just kidding, still want to go to Iceland one day!)

by Ils1976

Thanks Ils :) The first time I went to Iceland was a February visit with my husband in the hopes of seeing the Northern Lights but although we had a good trip we never saw them - it was cloudy every night! So the following year we tried again in Norway and saw them three times

by ToonSarah

I hope to see it as well one day. My best friend saw it also in Norway, she was there in March for a business trip, but on her birthday she arranged a trip all the way to the north, it was so expensive but she told me it was worth every penny.

by Ils1976

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