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Indochina Day Sixteen

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Sign in Ban Houa Done Deng

After a good night's sleep I awoke to find the air a little fresher this morning - a very pleasant temperature for breakfast. Unfortunately it seemed that yesterday's generous buffet might have been a weekend special as today, Monday, we had a more simple menu from which to choose. I had some slightly dense pancakes with honey and a slice of bread with plum jam - both fine but unexciting.

Another view of our bungalow at La Folie

Ban Houa Done Deng

We had no planned activities today so were free to enjoy the hotel facilities and the island. We took advantage of the less humid weather to have a walk after breakfast to the nearest of the ten villages on Done Deng, Ban Houa Done Deng. The name means 'village of the head of Done Deng' as it lies at the northern tip.

Opposite the entrance to the hotel we passed its kitchen extensive garden.

Vegetable garden at La Folie, and nearby stupas

Pretty tree in the village

This walk was a great opportunity to see something of island life. Most of the villagers we met were friendly and we exchanged lots of smiling 'Sabadee' greetings. Of those that appear in my photos, some agreed willingly to a request for a photo, while others are discreet (I hope) candid shots.




In Ban Houa Done Deng

We came to the village temple, Wat Ban Huadone, and went in to investigate. There was some beautiful ornamentation on the various buildings (carvings on the roofs, painted walls etc.)

Wat Ban Huadone

Buddha, Wat Ban Huadone

Roof of the sim

Temple dog

Monks' robes drying

Inside, the sim was small and plain apart from the array of eight golden Buddhas of various sizes.

Inside the sim

Details on front and door of the sim

We passed two schools as we walked, both secondary and primary (the latter supported by La Folie's community projects fund). But as education in Laos works on a shift system, with children attending either morning (7.00-11.00) or afternoon (13.00-17.00) there were still children hanging around in the village. They were a little cautious, but curious about us, and one pair of young boys in particular seemed to keep popping up wherever we went, as if trailing us. One of them shyly posed for a photo for me.

Village school



Local children

Local man

Bird cage

Guinea fowl

Village home

A cuddle of cats
~ How many cats can you count? I see at least four!

At the end of the track through the village we reached the northernmost point of the island, with panoramic views of the Mekong and its two banks.



At the northern tip of Done Deng Island



A sign near here told of a legend about the name of the island, Done Deng [aka Don Daeng], which translates as Red Island:

‘Excerpt from the most widespread version of the story of Nang Malong (Princess Malong)

Legend has it a young beauty, daughter of a high dignitary, secretly loved the Prince of Campanak’on named T’au Basak. Being pregnant with the young prince and opposed to the decision of her father to marry her to a prince “kha” (T’au Bakhieng) from the Bolovens plateau, she fled the arranged marriage to join Prince T’au Basak who went hunting wild elephants in the forests of the south. During her journey, the pain of childbirth made her stop on the island of Don Pha Kam where she gave birth to a girl, Nang P’eng. While leaving the island she threw her bloody skirt to the river, which remained attached to the head of an island that has since been named because of this event Don Daeng or Red Island.’

After a short rest on a log on the beach, enjoying the river views, we retraced our steps through the village, taking just a few more photos as we walked.

On the edge of the woods
~ I couldn't work out if this building was a small shrine or just a shelter of some sort

Pretty bougainvillea

Another lazy afternoon / evening

By the time we got back to the lodge it was starting to get hot again, although with a fresher breeze than yesterday. Time for a relaxing cold drink by the pool! And after lunch in the restaurant we had a totally lazy afternoon, bar some gentle swimming in the pool.


Pool with restaurant beyond

Later we sat out on our balcony to watch the sun set over the Mekong and over Mount Phou Khao.


La Folie sunset

We finished the day with an equally relaxing evening, with pre-dinner drinks overlooking the river and a nice meal in the restaurant.

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What a lovely, peaceful day. This is the sort of day I always look forward to. My husband laughs when I say my favorite day is always laundry day but it's true. ;)

by Beausoleil

I can imagine how relaxing the cool water is when the weather is so hot! :)

by hennaonthetrek

Thanks for visiting and sharing in my relaxing day, Sally and Henna :) But I do draw the line at doing laundry on holiday

by ToonSarah

Bob does the laundry.

Our cats stack up on each other like that - when someone comes, they all pile up behind the refrigerator.

by greatgrandmaR

I feel totally relaxed after reading today's account and, once again enjoyed the photographs - and especially your term, "A Cuddle of Cats". Most appropriate!

by Yvonne Dumsday

Those village children are very cute and I also love the cuddle of cats. Looks like a very enjoyable day.

by irenevt

We all need a day like this to recharge the old batteries! Loved your comment about the 'weekend special' breakfast made me giggle. Love the photo's of the village and wee superman, as expected!

by katieshevlin62

Thank you all for the comments - very much appreciated, as always :)

'Wee superman' was a nice, cheeky kid, and the girls were lovely too, but a bit shy. And as you will read Katie, the 'weekend special' turned out not to be any such thing

by ToonSarah

Yes that's why I was laughing you made it clear it must have been a weekend special! It's the way you write them!

by katieshevlin62

Ah yes, but watch this space Katie ...

by ToonSarah

Seems like such a gift when you have that rare day with no hard and fast agenda. Relaxing, wandering at will, pool time and a nice dinner -- great way to just soak up the local atmosphere. I also liked the "cuddle of cats" and children photos!

by starship

Yes, we were ready for a more relaxing day by this point in the trip Sylvia :) Glad you liked the photos!

by ToonSarah

nice capture of the village Sarah!

by Ils1976

Thanks Ils, we enjoyed this walk and the slower pace of this day :)

by ToonSarah

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