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In search of the elusive tigers of Bardia

Nepal day fifteen

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Spotted deer, Bardia NP

At breakfast

We had opted to take a full day jeep safari into Bardia National Park today, to maximise our chances of seeing tigers and other wildlife. That meant an early start, with breakfast at 6.15 (served in the garden) and departing at around 6.45.

James had joined us for the day, even more eager than us to see a tiger as had never done so in the wild. As it turned out, we were all to be disappointed in that hope, but we had a great day nevertheless.

The entrance to the park

As in Chitwan, the early morning light was lovely.


Early morning in the park

The pattern for the safari was to drive a short distance, sit and wait for a while to see what we could find, then continue. From time to time we were able to get out of the jeep and walk for a short distance, maybe for around ten minutes, to a good viewing spot above the river. At one of these stops we were served coffee and biscuits, at another we had a good packed lunch. Our guide and driver had come prepared with folding chairs and tables, so we were well looked-after.

The view from one of our stops

And while we didn’t see the elusive tigers or wild elephants, we did have quite a few more low-key sightings:
Langur monkeys
Spotted Deer aka Chitral
Hog Deer
Muntjac (usually known here as Barking Deer)
Lesser goldenback woodpecker
White throated Kingfisher
Changeable hawk Eagle
Lesser coucal
Rocket tailed Drongo

Here's a selection of my better attempts at photographing them!

Langur monkeys

Spotted Deer / Chitral

Indian Hog Deer

Changeable Hawk Eagle, and Rocket-tailed Drongo

Lesser Coucal


White-throated Kingfisher

We also enjoyed focusing on some of the park’s smallest inhabitants, butterflies and dragonflies. And of course on the landscapes, which looked especially lovely earlier and later in the day.

Butterfly on our picnic fruit at lunch time


Late afternoon light

We got back to the lodge around five, leaving time for showers and checking emails before dinner, which tonight was roast pork – preceded by excellent spicy cauliflower soup and followed by equally excellent chocolate cake!

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