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Pretty villages and rural sights 23.03.2023
One of Colombia’s most famous crops (no, not that one!) 21.03.2023
Colonial history, and pre-history! 20.03.2023
Heading out of the city 19.03.2023
Seeing more of Bogota 17.03.2023
Seeking gold in Colombia 16.03.2023
Time to go home … 31.01.2023
Back to Kathmandu – but not to Thamel 30.01.2023
Local wildlife and local people 29.01.2023
In search of the elusive tigers of Bardia 24.01.2023
Another national park 20.01.2023
Back to Kathmandu, just briefly 18.01.2023
Worth the early start? You bet! 17.01.2023
More mountain views and an impressive statue 16.01.2023
A peaceful day 11.01.2023
From Bandipur to Pokhara by road 10.01.2023
Exploring Bandipur 08.01.2023
On the road to Bandipur 24.12.2022
More exploration of Chitwan 23.12.2022
We’re going on a rhino hunt! 21.12.2022
From Kathmandu to Chitwan 20.12.2022
To Bhaktapur and Dhulikhel 17.12.2022
Mountains, temples and more 14.12.2022
Kathmandu, here we come! 13.12.2022
Time to go home 15.10.2022
History both ancient and recent 10.10.2022
The art of two eras 07.10.2022
Sofia in rain and sun 06.10.2022
Returning to Sofia 05.10.2022
A morning in the Marais 04.10.2022
Regretting last night’s dinner! 22.09.2022
Canals and islands 21.09.2022
A sunny day in Paris 19.09.2022
Another (our 41st) anniversary in Paris 10.09.2022
Final morning and flying home 18.06.2022
A Sunday at Praia do Faro 14.06.2022
A day trip to Tavira 11.06.2022
Old town sights and a boat trip 03.06.2022
A return to Faro 27.05.2022
The long slog home 15.05.2022
Last day by the Pacific 13.05.2022
A mishap on the Rio Nosara 10.05.2022
A laid-back surfing town 03.05.2022
Back to the Pacific coast 29.04.2022
A bird and some butterflies 26.04.2022
The cloud forest lives up to its name! 24.04.2022
Onward again to the cloud forest 23.04.2022
Wildlife in the Caño Negra refuge 05.04.2022
Birdlife and sloths in Arenal 02.04.2022
Onwards to Arenal 23.03.2022
Pacific coast highlights 15.03.2022
In Corcovado National Park 11.03.2022
Flying south 09.03.2022
Prelude: do you know the way to San José? 09.03.2022
Mainly about the Real Alcázar 18.01.2022
The rain in Spain 15.01.2022
Back in the air! 13.01.2022
The perfect Parisian Sunday 10.10.2021
Rodin and street photography 07.10.2021
Exploring Montmartre 25.09.2021
Anniversary trip to Paris 15.09.2021
Good-bye Vietnam! 14.05.2020
Past and present in Saigon 12.05.2020
Cu Chi Tunnels and Chinatown, HCMC 10.05.2020
Onwards to our final stop 08.05.2020
Our twenty minutes of fame in Vietnam! 05.05.2020
Historic Hoi An 02.05.2020
From Halong Bay to Hoi An 30.04.2020
Halong Bay cruise 28.04.2020
Hanging out in Hanoi 25.04.2020
Moving on to Vietnam 23.04.2020
Island life 21.04.2020
In the heat of southern Laos 19.04.2020
Flying south 17.04.2020
On the road to Luang Prabang 14.04.2020
Among the Khamu and the Ikhos 12.04.2020
A day on the river 10.04.2020
Travelling north 08.04.2020
Monks, elephants and temples – delights of Luang Prabang 06.04.2020
Temples and traditions in Luang Prabang 04.04.2020
Getting to know Luang Prabang 02.04.2020
From Cambodia to Laos 30.03.2020
Village Explorer 28.03.2020
Angkor beyond Angkor Wat 25.03.2020
Ticking off a bucket list item – Angkor Wat 23.03.2020
The road to Siem Reap 21.03.2020
Exploring Phnom Penh 19.03.2020
The Killing Fields 17.03.2020
Phnom Penh: arrival and street food 15.03.2020
Journey to Bangkok 14.03.2020
Music and markets 08.01.2020
Meeting Virtual Tourist friends in Germany 06.01.2020
Farewell to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 23.12.2019
Follow the Yellow Brick Road 21.12.2019
International friendships 20.12.2019
(Mostly) on the road 15.12.2019
A day out in Wonsan 12.12.2019
Up into the mountains 10.12.2019
A stay on the east coast 07.12.2019
The revolutionary mountain 04.12.2019
In our country … 02.12.2019
Flying north 27.11.2019
So who did start the war? 25.11.2019
Only in North Korea … 20.11.2019
Feats of engineering - and shooting! 18.11.2019
Grand monuments and a walk in the city 15.11.2019
Storm number thirteen 14.11.2019
Dreaming of reunification 11.11.2019
Kaesong history 07.11.2019
South to the border 04.11.2019
Let us pay our respects … 01.11.2019
The Land of the People 28.10.2019
Getting to know Pyongyang, continued 25.10.2019
Getting to know Pyongyang 23.10.2019
To Pyongyang! 19.10.2019
Beijing temples 17.10.2019
Sunday afternoon in Beijing 15.10.2019
Briefly in Beijing 12.10.2019
Our adventure begins! 10.10.2019
Why go to North Korea? 08.10.2019
All good Euromeets … 06.07.2019
Return to Sofia 03.07.2019
Monuments to former glories and to battles past 30.06.2019
A fortress, a monastery and a stormy evening! 27.06.2019
Exploring Plovdiv 24.06.2019
To Koprivshtitsa and elsewhere 22.06.2019
Travelling to Plovdiv 19.06.2019
Discovering Sofia 16.06.2019
Euromeet 2019 begins! 13.06.2019
City tour in Salalah – and home 26.03.2019
The Empty Quarter 23.03.2019
East and west of Salalah 20.03.2019
From Muscat to the south 16.03.2019
A dramatic drive 13.03.2019
A return to the mountains 11.03.2019
Souks and castles 09.03.2019
Up into the mountains 07.03.2019
Desert life 06.03.2019
Into the desert 04.03.2019
South from Muscat 02.03.2019
Off to Oman! 28.02.2019
Comics and games 29.11.2018
A birthday in Lucca 24.11.2018
More strolling around Lucca 20.11.2018
Strolling around Lucca (still mostly in the rain) 17.11.2018
Exploring Lucca, mostly in the rain 13.11.2018
Birthday trip to Italy 08.11.2018
Anniversary in Leipzig 18.09.2018
Different perspectives on the city 16.09.2018
Some of Leipzig’s famous sons 13.09.2018
Faces in stone 12.09.2018
An anniversary trip to Germany 11.09.2018
Out of Africa - literally! 01.08.2018
Closing the circle 31.07.2018
Above and around the falls 30.07.2018
Mosi-oa-Tunya 29.07.2018
Another country beckons 28.07.2018
Another wonderful day in the Okavango 27.07.2018
Exploring the delta 26.07.2018
To the delta 25.07.2018
Last full day at Chobe 23.07.2018
A fabulous fauna-filled first full day in Botswana 21.07.2018
Three countries in one day 20.07.2018
Of giraffes and elephants (mainly!) 18.07.2018
The adventure begins 17.07.2018
What, no whales? 18.06.2018
Stunning landscapes of Iceland: the day the sun shone 14.06.2018
Iceland’s South Coast 10.06.2018
The Golden Circle in the rain 09.06.2018
City tour; and the meeting begins! 06.06.2018
It’s May, so it must be Euromeet! 05.06.2018
Mixing business and pleasure 24.04.2018
Of birds and beasts … and seafood! 23.04.2018
Jersey under occupation 21.04.2018
A mini island adventure 20.04.2018
Our work here comes to a close – for now 29.03.2018
Out and about 28.03.2018
More work – and play! 27.03.2018
We start our work 26.03.2018
Exploring the city 25.03.2018
A rare work trip abroad 24.03.2018
Homeward bound 27.02.2018
Farewell to Santiago, hello (again) Sal 26.02.2018
Carnival day 25.02.2018
More island history 24.02.2018
Sunday in Praia 22.02.2018
An island tour 20.02.2018
Where hurricanes are born 19.02.2018
A winter break 18.02.2018
Our last morning – and the sun shines again! 06.11.2017
A wet Sunday in Paris 04.11.2017
‘We'll always have Paris’ 02.11.2017
Travelling home 15.09.2017
A flying visit to another ancestral home 14.09.2017
Monday, and Arpino is closed for business (almost) 13.09.2017
Birthplace of Cicero 10.09.2017
Back to Chris’s roots 09.09.2017
After the match 25.08.2017
Football in Germany 24.08.2017
All good things … 21.08.2017
Purple Haze 19.08.2017
A bridge, bald eagles and contemporary art 18.08.2017
Art, history ... and ice cream! 17.08.2017
Thar she blows - eventually! 15.08.2017
To the islands 14.08.2017
A day in the mountains 12.08.2017
Of wild fires and the Wild West 11.08.2017
A day on the lake 10.08.2017
Pioneer history and scenic drives 09.08.2017
A day of weather extremes 08.08.2017
In Paradise 07.08.2017
City streets and mountain views 06.08.2017
Exploring the Olympic Peninsula – part three 05.08.2017
Exploring the Olympic Peninsula – part two 04.08.2017
Exploring the Olympic Peninsula – part one 03.08.2017
We hit the road! 02.08.2017
Exploring Seattle 01.08.2017
A US road trip begins 31.07.2017
The morning after the meeting before 10.06.2017
Our second Euromeet outing 09.06.2017
A Euromeet outing 08.06.2017
Virtual Tourist Euromeet, official first day 07.06.2017
From Zurich to Kempten 06.06.2017
Collecting countries 05.06.2017
Exploring the city 04.06.2017
You can kill a website but you can't kill friendships 02.06.2017
The fishermen of Chowara 11.03.2017
Life’s a beach – or maybe a swimming pool 10.03.2017
From backwaters to beach 09.03.2017
We take to the (back)water 07.03.2017
It's all about the wildlife 06.03.2017
The Cardamom Hills 05.03.2017
Tea, glorious tea 04.03.2017
We head for the hills 03.03.2017
Fishing, worshipping, dancing … 01.03.2017
Return to India 28.02.2017
Back to where it all began 10.02.2017
Catholicism and ancient cultures entwined 09.02.2017
Of moai and more 08.02.2017
An introduction to the moai, and the cult of the Birdman 06.02.2017
The navel of the earth 05.02.2017
Breaking the journey 04.02.2017
Getting that iconic shot 04.02.2017
“The full Paine” 02.02.2017
To touch the sky 02.02.2017
Onwards towards the south 31.01.2017
A morning in Puerto Varas 30.01.2017
A special place 29.01.2017
Of lakes and waterfalls 29.01.2017
A lakeside setting 27.01.2017
Of valleys and the setting sun 26.01.2017
A steaming landscape 25.01.2017
A desert town 23.01.2017
Desert villages 22.01.2017
Water in the desert 21.01.2017
I’ve been through the desert …. 20.01.2017
Valley of Paradise 18.01.2017
Of chicha and wine 17.01.2017
Looking down on Santiago 16.01.2017
Santiago de Chile 12.01.2017
Now that jacarandas are in bloom … 11.01.2017
Introducing the author 09.01.2017